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Consumer Q&A on Estate Bonds, Guardianship Bonds, Probate Court Bonds

By: pavman | July 08, 2014

by Phil Pavarini Jr. 

We often answer calls from frustrated consumers seeking a probate bond.  They've been muddling through the often cumbersome court process, being directed from office to office, desk to desk, scheduled for hearing after hearing, and paying fee after fee.  More than once a court has, almost whimsically, advised a probate bond applicant that 'it's no problem, just call any insurance agent!'... only to find agent after agent is unable to help them.

One of the first requirements of any probate bond is to have an attorney.  But bonds are based on the assumption their will be no risk for the insurance carrier to suffer any loss.  The probate bond could be thought of as the carrier being you're 'co-signo...