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Consumer Q&A on Estate Bonds, Guardianship Bonds, Probate Court Bonds

Guardianship bonds are issued by many different insurance carriers.  Most places you call will offer only one insurance carrier for bonds.  Some agencies who specialize in Probate and Surety Bonds could have multiple insurance carriers.  Each carrier has its own state-filed rates for a guardians bond.  Unlike other types of bonds, guardianship bonds are usually priced on a sliding scale of tiered rates per thousand in penalty.  Different rate schedules for bonds may apply based on specific guardianship court case characteristics.  For instance, if the bond is twice the value of the guardianship assets, it's often much less to purchase the guardian bond. 

For the best possible price, check with an agency that offers multiple carriers for guardianship bonds.  If you need an Ohio Guardianship Bond, Michigan Guardianship Bond, or Indiana Guardianship Bond, try Phil Pavarini at +1 888-728-2746.  Office in Cleveland, Ohio, Phil offers Guardianship Bonds for all 3 states, and has many carriers rate schedules to find the best place to apply for your Guardian Bond.  Online application is available.