Probate Court Bond Information - Ohio, Indiana, Michigan
Consumer Q&A on Estate Bonds, Guardianship Bonds, Probate Court Bonds
Have Great Credit
Obtain Experienced Probate Lawyer
Obtain Experienced Probate Lawyer
Sufficient Financial Profile for Bonds >$100k

Apply for an Probate Guardianship Bond, Fiduciary Bond, or Probate Bond

If you meet the pre-requisite requirements, obtaining a bond may be easily accomplished through your local property and casualty insurance agent.  We believe a building a strong relationship with your current insurance agent is one of the most important things you could do to bolster your coverage without spending more money.  We encourage you to work with your existing agent for your Ohio probate or fiduciary bond.  But if they don't offer bonds, or cannot expedite quickly, click APPLY FOR BOND on this page.


Q. What are customary pre-requisites for easy Ohio fiduciary bond approval?   A. Requirements usually include:  1) Great credit; 2) Attorney representation; and for larger bond penalty amounts, 3) Sufficient financial background. 


Q. What to do if you do not meet these requirements:   A."Although there are 'high risk' bonds, I have never written one nor could I recommend one.  It's almost always easier and much less costly to find an alternative applicant to administer the estate, or a law firm willing to apply in their name."  -PHIL PAVARINI, Hybrid Insurance Agent™


Q. How do I determine surety bond penalty amount:  A. Ohio Fiduciary Surety Bonds penalty amounts are specified by Ohio Revised Code  §2109.04, which states amount is as ordered by court but no less than "double the probable value of the personal property and of the annual real property rentals that will come into the possession or under the control of the person as a fiduciary".  We feel determination of bond amount constitutes legal practice;  We are not attorneys at law and suggest you contact the Clerk of Court or a licensed attorney to determine bond amount.


Q. How long does it take to receive bond?  Once approved, which should take no more than a day or so, a bond can be issued immediately by directly appointed insurance agents.  Ask agent if they're directly appointed, or working through a broker.  Use caution when purchasing brokered bond.


When you are looking for an Ohio Probate Bond specialist, if your agent isn't able to help, contact Phil Pavarini Hybrid Insurance Agent™.  You can submit application online at or CLICK HERE FOR APPLCATION.  An agency representative  will generally reply to confirm receipt within 2 business hours.